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About Petra's Bakery

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Petra’s bakery was founded in 2006 as a small family company.
Thanks to your trust we have developed and expanded our range of products, so that today we have a hundred types of bread, rolls and pastries. We are present in schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and stores across the county. We introduced the HACCP system of hygiene and quality of our products in 2009.


  • Thursday, 17 April 2014 Petra's Bakery hosted a fire drill
    Petra's Bakery hosted a fire drill Firefighting and rescue work was performed by the firefighters from Lovrečan and V.F.D. Ruše. The firefighters from V.F.D Babinec planned to take an internal fire proficiency test on Saturday, April 12, to test their competences for firefighting and rescuing people from the burning building. In agreement with the owners of production and sales complex of the Petra’s Bakery, the drill was planned for 4 PM. The firefighting and rescue plan, which covered firefighting and saving injured employees from the production facility, as well as the evacuation of the people being caught in the sales area, was created by the commander Mario Vnuk. The drill was realized by firefighters from V.F.D. Lovrečan Dubrava and their colleagues from V.F.D Ruše. Read more...
  • Monday, 24 October 2011 Petra's bakery celebrated the fifth anniversary of its work
    Petra's bakery celebrated the fifth anniversary of its work The offer of bakery products was supplemented by pastries and cakes. Five years ago, Petra and Mladen Dobrotić from Babinec established a company PIM Ltd. and within this framework they opened a Bakery in autumn, in which the wedded couple started to work, as well as Mladen’s brother Marijan. At the beginning, the bakery products were sold in their own premises but sometime later, their bakery products could be found in other stores, too. Gradually the range of production has expanded and these days the Petra’s Bakery produces not only the fresh bread and rolls, but also pastries and cakes, which supplemented the Petra’s offer. The number of shops increased and the number of employees has risen from initial 3 to 18. Read more...
  • Monday, 11 December 2006 A baker’s shop opened in Babinec
    A baker’s shop opened in Babinec A baker’s shop of the company PIM opened in Babinec. In the process of company establishment and the construction of the Petra’s bakery, Petra and Mladen Dobrotić from Babinec have invested about 800 thousand Kuna. After the establishment of the company “PIM”, they have started a building of a manufacturing plant, which today serves for placing of equipment, and a modern plant for the production of bakery products and the puff-paste. They secured half the funds needed with the help of parents, relatives and friends, and about 400 thousand Kuna were provided by a bank loan. We thank all who helped us in any way, the Municipality of Cestica, the Meteor Company that has performed the construction work, and of course, without the help of brother Marijan and his family, as well as other members of their immediate and extended family, friends and neighbours, the opening of the facility would be almost impossible – the owners highlighted. Read more...
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