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Petra's Bakery hosted a fire drill

Firefighting and rescue work was performed by the firefighters from Lovrečan and V.F.D. Ruše. The firefighters from V.F.D Babinec planned to take an internal fire proficiency test on Saturday, April 12, to test their competences for firefighting and rescuing people from the burning building. In agreement with the owners of production and sales complex of the Petra’s Bakery, the drill was planned for 4 PM. The firefighting and rescue plan, which covered firefighting and saving injured employees from the production facility, as well as the evacuation of the people being caught in the sales area, was created by the commander Mario Vnuk. The drill was realized by firefighters from V.F.D. Lovrečan Dubrava and their colleagues from V.F.D Ruše.
It was slightly after 4 PM when a fire brigade of V.F.D Babinec has arrived to the fire affected building, and soon, on call of their commanders, the firefighters from the other two brigades joined. Upon arrival on fire site, the host fire department extinguished the fire on the outer side of the building, thus preventing the spread of fire to adjacent buildings and afterwards, they provided care for people rescued from the smoke-filled building. The part of the V.F.D. Lovrečan crew joined the extinguishing, and the other part, equipped with breathing apparatus, entered the smoke-filled rooms from the backyard and carried out the injured. Members of the V.F.D. Ruše entered the building through the main front door and started extinguishing the southern part of the building, while the part of their team participated actively in carrying out the injured from the first floor and escorted them to the medical team of the V.F.D Babinec, who provided them with medical care.

The fire drill was attended by the heads of municipalities, the Mayor Mirko Korotaj, the Council President Tomislav Lazar, Mr. Branko Skok from V.F.D. Zavrč and Mr. Marijan Vočanec, secretary of V.F.D Križovljan Cestica. The event was also attended by Milenko Biškup, the captain of the Firefighters community of the Municipality of Cestica and the president of the Community Darko Majhen, as well as the honorary president Antun Knezoci and Stjepan Kovaček, captain of the Firefighters community of the Varaždin County. At the end of the fire drill the firefighters were lined up by the commander Mario Vnuk who made a report, highlighting among other the number of 27 firefighters with three fire engines, who took part in fire extinguishing end rescue of the injured.

Mr. Danijel Korotaj, the president of V.F.D. Babinec extended his gratitude to the fire-fighters of Volunteer Fire Departments Ruše and Lovrečan for their help in realising this fire drill. He also thanked Mr. Branko Skok from V.F.D. Zavrč for lending them the smoke bombs. A fire drill was given a positive assessment by Mr. Darko Majhen, the president of the Fire-fighters community of the Municipality of Cestica and Mr. Stjepan Kovaček, captain of the Firefighters community of the Varaždin County. The Mayor Mirko Korotaj highlighted the need for organizing similar drills in all production and commercial buildings inside the Municipality, which in case of need would facilitate the work of the rescue and firefighting crew, who will already be familiar with the layout of rooms and escape routes.
The participants of the fire drill held on April 12, 2014

V.F.D. Ruše, from left to right: Grega Krofič, Žan Hvalec, Cvetko Kotnik, Kristijan Repolusk, president of the V.F.D. Ruše, Simon Pivec, Marko Žaucer.
V.F.D. Babinec:  Mario Vnuk, Goran Kolar, Dejan Kolar, Goran Vnuk, Ivan Bednjanić, Jasmim Vnuk, Nikola Kokot, Darijan Vinter and Danijel Težak.- president Danijel Korotaj.
V.F.D. Lovrečan Dubrava, Zvezdan Korotaj- fire chief of the drill, Bojan Korotaj, Korotaj, Simon Korotaj, Denis Veršić, Kruno Mikec and Neven Furjan.

Seen below are some photographs taken during the fire drill on April 12, 2014.
1. The first arriving fire department unit was the host crew from V.F.D. Babinec
 2. 2. The firefighters immediately started firefighting towards the adjacent plots
3. The firefighters from V.F.D. Lovrečan Dubrava are preparing to enter the building
4. The fire brigade from V.F.D. Ruše are preparing to enter the building from the southern side
5. Danijel Težak and Darijan Vinter were responsible for providing medical care of injured persons
6. At the end of the fire drill the firefighters were lined up in front of Petra's Bakery
7. Mario Vnuk made a report on the fire drill held
8. Mladen Dobrotić extended his gratitude to the firefighters for the realization of the fire drill
9. Group photo with all participants of the fire drill
10. Fire brigade of V.F.D. Babinec
11. Fire brigade of V.F.D. Ruše
12. Fire brigade of V.F.D. Lovrečan Dubrava

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